Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Changing it Up

Amada familia, 

This entire week has been a bit up in the air because of several unexpected changes. Firstly, Hna Pinchardo (the mini-missionary that was with Hna Reyes) finished her 2 weeks of voluntary service. When she left we weren't sure what was going to happen because we hadn't heard anything about a new companion for Hna Reyes, so the 5 of us returned home together. A while later, we received a phone call from the APs telling us that, until further notice, Hna Reyes would now be in a trio with Hna Stanton and I. 

Hermana Reyes is happy that - at least for now - she's not getting another mini-missionary, and she is a wonderfully dedicated missionary, so I enjoy being in a trio with her. I also think that this may be the answer to some of my prayers to help Hna Stanton with her Spanish. I think Hna Reyes is going to help encourage Hna Stanton to use her Spanish (out of necessity), and it is also nice to have some help in the lessons so that I'm not the only one talking. 

The second big change this week came during Zone Conference when Presidente Rodriguez stood up and announced that, as of this Wednesday, he would no longer be our mission president. It has something to do with his family's visa status in Canada (where they were living beforehand). So, Pres. Rodriguez is moving back to Canada on Wednesday, but will still be considered our long-distance president until the new mission president, Pres. Knuckles arrives in the DR at the end of May. 

This means that, for the next month, we will essentially be without a mission president. Hna Reyes says that it is going to be a 'caos,' which translates to 'chaos,' but really means more of an out-of-control disaster. All I know is that whatever temporary leadership structure we'll have in place will be highly experimental and most likely based on the good old-fashioned systems of improvisation and trail-and-error. But I guess we'll see come Wednesday. It should be interesting whatever happens though. 

Heart-warming things that happened this week: 

- I got to accompany 3 of my recent converts to the temple for their first time (Angelo, Yordys, and Miguela) and watch them do baptisms for the dead. It was so beautiful to see them all there together wearing white.
- Along with 2 other people from our branch, Yordys received the Melchizedek Priesthood.
- Little Manuel showed up to church by himself. He walked into the chapel a few minutes early, took a seat, and waited reverently for sacrament meeting to begin. When I came and sat down next to him, he told me that Miguela had a cold, so he got dressed in his church clothes and asked if he could go by himself because he loves coming to church. 

Les quiero mucho, 
Hermana Kaitlin Olsen
Coloring Easter eggs

The bucket shower

At the temple

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At the temple

P.S. Hna Matteson's clock also displays the temperature. It is pretty much a constant 8 to 90 degrees in our house, but I didn't believe it at first because it feels nice. If it ever gets any colder than that, I immediately start shivering and need my sweater. 
P.P.S. We get to Skype in 2 weeks :D

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