Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fruit ninjas and a trip to the temple

Querida familia, 

It's been a quiet week, especially when compared to the last few we've had, but that's alright (I suppose it's just deviation toward the mean). 

As for proselyting, we're trying to concentrate on finding new investigators to build up our teaching pool again. It's going a bit slowly at the moment, but I'm sure things will pick up. We did find one new family, la Familia De Jesus, through the Pres. Ramirez's wife. The mother was baptized at age 15 and has been inactive for many years, but is interested in coming back to church. Her two daughters, ages 12 and 16, also seem quite interested especially in the YWs program (they came to an activity this week and really seemed to enjoy it). However, the father and son (age 9) don't really seem very interested. Overall though, I have high hopes for them. 

As far as Hermana Stanton and I go, things are still going well. As a companionship we're still getting along easily and we have a lot of fun together.

Interesting things that happened this week: 

- We got to go to the temple with several other zones this week and I FINALLY saw the new temple video, which I loved! :)

- We also FINALLY got our dueno (landlord) to come fill the gaping hole under the kitchen sink where the rats were coming in and the cat tried to get out... so we may have solved our rat problem, or at least cut it down my about 75%. It was definitely one of the highlights of our week.

- We had an interesting service project this week. We were told that we would be weeding, and by "weeding" apparently Dominicans mean, "everybody pull out your machetes and let's chop down a rainforest" - and that's literally what we did, trees and all. At the end, we even played real Fruit Ninja: half of us lined up with our machetes and the other half threw wild bananas, mangoes, bamboo, etc. into the air that we had chopped down while "weeding." :)

Until next week, 

Hermana Kaitlin Olsen

Hermana Stanton and Kaitlin

Temple trip

Fruit Ninjas

Hermana Stanton and Kaitlin

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