Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Purple Tarantulas & Mountains of Mangoes

Dear family, 


This week has still been a bit slow, but maybe I'm still just getting used to the slower pace of the campo again. We have several progressing investigators, the most noteworthy being Carmen. Three of her children have been baptized recently and she wants to get baptized, too, but she's not married to her 'husband.' He's willing to get married, but in order to do that, he first needs to be declared (he doesn’t have a birth certificate or a SSN). So we're working on getting him declared, but to do that we need to find his nomadic father, who could really be anywhere. 


Then there's Esterlin, who also has expressed a desire to be baptized and even brings friends to church, but may or may not have some problems with chastity that need to be resolved first. We'll see.


There's also Marisol, the sister-in-law of a recent convert, who is very interested and also has lots of questions for us, but still hasn't come to church. Time will tell with her as well.



Interesting things that happened this week: 


- We went to Bani for our zone meeting and decided to walk through town center to see an old cathedral there. There was also the annual Mango Festival going on, and there were literally mountains of mangoes everywhere (Bani is the mango capitol of the DR). 


- While walking down a certain street one day we saw several large, bright purple and orange tarantulas. Most of them were dead.


- I've been focusing on studying Spanish grammar more and been working my way through a practice book. I've also been using that Oxford dictionary you sent me. I'm learning a lot because I want to have a really solid grasp on the language by the time I finish.


- I've been doing pretty much all the cooking for the 6 of us because I'm pretty much the only one that knows how to cook in this house. They were pretty much eating like cavemen before I got here (i.e. Top Ramen and canned soup). I've been cooking a lot of Dominican food because some of the hermanas have NEVER TRIED IT! Sometimes I feel like their mother (partly because I also have to remind them to pick up after themselves).


And that's pretty much it. Sorry for the short letter. Love you!



Until next week, 

Hermana Kaitlin Olsen

Taking a bola (ride) down the mountain

Cathedral in Bani

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