Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear family, 

I'm doing really well, but there's not much to report for this week, so please excuse the pathetically short letter that follows. 

Things are going great with Hna Martinez. She's a really great companion and we get along really well. She's always chatting my ear off, but I don't mind. Sometimes we tend to be a bit apart from the others in the house because she doesn't like to obligate the others to speak Spanish when she's around (even though I told her that they really don't mind and it's good for them anyway), but she's still happy as ever either way.

Gaby and Yoelis continue to progress splendidly. They are reading their Books of Mormon, always excited to learn, go to church, and always have a time in mind for our next cita as soon as we finish with the closing prayer.

Esterlin is MIA, however. I'm not sure what happened, we just haven't been able to find him. He quit his job, is never in his house, and his phone is always off. We're not giving up though. We'll get a hold of him eventually. 

I've been studying Spanish a lot lately as well, which is made a lot easier by having a Latin comp to ask questions whenever they come up. I'm about 70 percent of the way through the nearly 400-page grammar book, and about a third of the way through that Oxford Picture Dictionary you sent me. Hopefully I'll know Spanish when I get home ;)


Hna Kaitlin Olsen

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