Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From Enemy to Friend and a Family Home Cocktail Evening

Dear family, 

Gaby and Yoelis had their baptismal interview on Saturday, and of course, they passed with flying colors and they're both anxious for this next Saturday to come. After church yesterday, the Young Women's president commented to us how much she was looking forward to having Gaby, Yoelis, and Victoria in Young Women's because they always participate and do the "homework" she gives them. I know that they're ready and worthy to take this wonderful step in their lives, especially after an experience that they shared with us this week. 

Gaby and Yoelis told us that after we taught them about repentance, they decided that they needed to apologize to a certain girl in their class that they never got along with. So they did. She forgave them and asked for their forgiveness as well, and then Gaby and Yoelis invited her to listen to the missionaries. They're going to take us to her house sometime this week.

Victoria also shared an experience with us this week. She said that she arrived early for mutual and was waiting outside the church when a woman approached her and told her that she should stop going to this church, that is was of the devil, and that Jose Smith was a fraud. "So of course," Victoria said, "I told her that none of that was true and I could prove it. I pulled out my pamphlet of the Restoration and began reading it to her." The woman didn't want to listen and walked away, but Victoria said that she "felt happy that she defended the truth." 

In other good news, the Familia Santana had their own family home evening this week. The bad news is that they haven't quite got the concept right yet. Hermana Martinez and I were so excited when they told us that they had held their own FHE, and we asked them what they did. "Oh," they replied, "we said a prayer, sang a song, we read the scriptures, we ate fritos, and we drank beer." Needless to say we taught them about the Word of Wisdom in that visit. They explained that they didn't know it was wrong because the bottle said 'light' (which they thought meant light on alcohol) and that they have drank ever since they were little. It's part of the culture here. Oftentimes parents give beer to their children as young as 3 or 4 years old and they don't see a problem with it. But now Diana, Alberto, and Adalaida understand and committed to living the Word of Wisdom from that day on. 

Interesting things that happened this week:

- We had Zone Conference with Elder Cornish of the Seventy. 
- We saw a giant toad that probably weighed about 2 lbs.
- Victoria's 111-year-old bisabuelita (great grandmother) has taken a strange liking to me. As we were singing our opening hymn she came up behind my chair and surprised me with a long hug, her cheek plastered up against mine, and throughout the entire lesson she held tightly onto my hand. Victoria tried to get her to let go of me, but she refused. I didn't mind though, Hna Martinez thought it was hilarious and encouraged her to keep a firm grip on me "so I couldn't escape," and Victoria was embarrassed because she says bisabuelita is racist. We were all dying of laughter, even bisabuelita (although she didn't quite understand why). 

Until next week, 

Hermana Kaitlin Olsen :) xoxo

Helping Carmen carry water up the mountain to her house

Diana, Alberto and Adalaida after learning about the Word of Wisdom


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