Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3 Baptisms, 2 Trips to the Hospital and 1 Month Left

Dear family, 

Last Monday night we received word that Nermis and Diana, a mother and daughter that we helped reactivate in October had been in an accident and were in the hospital: a pot of boiling water had spilled on them while cooking. So early the next morning we went to see them. We found them at a clinic that was relatively near our house but that we'd never passed by before. While there we sang hymns, shared some words of comfort, and offered our help in any way. The next day we visited them at home. I baked brownies and brought them what was left over of the burn ointment I had from when I hurt my foot (because I noticed they were using the same kind). They're both doing a lot better now, but Diana (whose burns were more extensive) will be out of work for a few weeks while she heals.

It actually ended up being convenient that we had decided to visit Diana in the hospital earlier in the week because in the early hours of the morning on Friday I began running a fever and throwing up every few minutes. Hna Martinez talked with the doctor and she said that if I didn't stop throwing up by 11am that we should go to the hospital. So, when 11am came around, fortunately we knew right where to go.

This hospital was better than the one in Azua. They even put me in my own room. They put me on an IV and gave me several medications for my stomach and to stop the vomiting. They drew blood to run some tests and I spent the day there under observation. At around 7pm I decided that I wanted to go home (and that was probably what felt like the longest walk of my life). I continued to run quite a high fever for the rest of the night, but by the morning it had broken and I felt better. They concluded that it was probably food poisoning and so I'll be on antibiotics for the next couple of days. As of now, I still haven’t eaten very much, but I'm feeling a lot better. 

And it was actually a good timing that it happened on Friday (and not Saturday) because the next day was the baptism of the Santana Family: Diana, Alberto, and Adelaida, and by then, I was feeling well enough to go. 

The service was well attended and started nearly an hour late in typical Dominican fashion. Yoelis and Victoria gave the talks, and then we were able to witness the wonderful and joyous sight of the 3 Santana children entering the waters of baptism one after another. Each had their turn while the other 2 and their father watched attentively from the top of the white tile staircase that sank into the clear blue water. And when all had been baptized we gathered them together for a family photo and a soaking wet group hug. And what a beautiful, tender moment it was, because it wasn't just a group hug, it was an embrace that meant something: it was a family completed, a family that now stands together on the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life.

All my love, 

Hna Kaitlin Olsen
Baptism of the Familia Santana

La Familia Santana

Making arroz con leche

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