Monday, November 10, 2014

A Glimpse Into the Future

Dear family, 

This week has been unbelievably busy. Hermana Martinez and I have been running all around trying to help people get ready for their baptisms.

The highlight of the week, of course, was Victoria's baptism on Saturday night. We had a surprise Zone meeting that day in Bani so we were crunched for time preparing everything. We ran to the guagua station after the meeting to make it back to Ocoa as soon as possible. When we got back we ran to clean the chapel, fill the font, and find baptismal clothes for Andy (to baptize Victoria). Then we had to run home to bake brownies and prepare a musical number. And while doing all this we had to orchestrate the baptismal interviews of Diana, Alberto, and Adelaida (so they can get baptized the 15 Nov), as well as have a meeting with the stake mission leader who happened to be in Ocoa that afternoon. But fortunately we managed to get everything done in time: the chapel was sparkling, the font was full, the brownies were still warm, the Familia Santana passed their baptismal interviews and Victoria's baptism went off without a hitch. 

It was a bright, joyful service with nearly 25 jovenes present. Gaby and Yoelis gave talks and did an amazing job - they already speak like experienced members - and Victoria shared her testimony as well. When she got up she could hardly speak, but after a few moments to collect herself, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she shared a simple, heartfelt testimony and a firm declaration that she would "never stray from the path and [would] endure to the very end of her life": those beautiful, promising words that every missionary yearns to hear from their convert. 

And you know what? I really believe she'll do it. I truly believe that if I could glimpse into Victoria's future 50 years from now, I would see a faithful, dedicated member who had touched the lives of many throughout half a century of diligent service in the Church. And that's not just biased missionary optimism speaking. Her testimony speaks for itself... and something in my heart tells me I can trust in her words.

All my love, 

Hna Olsen

P.S. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to find me an apartment! It sounds wonderful. Thanks so much!

P.P.S. Thanks so much for the package for my converts/investigators. They all LOVE their scripture markers - it's helping them read a lot more (Hna Martinez included - haha). They also love their Future Missionary pins. They all wear them a lot, especially Yoelis, who wears hers EVERYWHERE.

Yoelis with her future missionary pin

The Santana Family with their scripture markers

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