Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Half a Dozen Converts Enter the Temple

Dear family, 

This week was super busy and seemed to fly by. First, on Tuesday we took a trip to San Cristobol, Hna Martinez's old area. There was a baptism there and she got permission to go. So we left Tuesday morning and spent the day visiting her old investigators and members there. And I was quickly reminded how fortunate we are to be in the cool climate of Ocoa because, within minutes of being there, we were both covered in sweat. 

Hermana Martinez even took me to see a doll maker that I'd heard about. She makes cute little clay dolls and she even makes them especially for missionaries (with little plaques and carrying Books of Mormon). 

After the baptism we spent the night in the hermanas' house in San Cristobol and returned to Ocoa the following morning.

In the days that followed, we had a lot of help in the work from Gaby, Yoelis, and Victoria. They all just love spending the day with us and being missionaries. They put on their skirts, carry their Books of Mormon, and of course, proudly wear their future missionary plaques. They love to bear their testimonies, share scriptures, and testify in the lessons. I'm always impressed by how quickly they've learned and how much they know. Lately, we've even been doing splits with them, meaning that one of them goes with Hna Martinez and the other goes with me so we can cover more citas and they get to be our companions for the day.

We were even with them on Thursday when President Danilo, the President of the DR, came to our area to inaugurate a new school he funded. The streets were lined with people holding I <3 DANILO signs, all eagerly awaiting his arrival, and the air above was full of helicopters. It made getting to our cita a bit challenging because we had to squeeze our way through the crowd, but we managed... and when we least expected, Danilo himself drove past, waving out of the top of a large black SUV an followed by a wake of cheers that erupted as his caravan passed by. 

But the best part of the week by far was a trip to the temple on Saturday with all 6 of our converts. It is one of the best, most fulfilling feelings as a missionary to be able to enter the temple and see all of your converts there dressed in white and smiling back at you. We were even fortunate enough to be able to enter the font area to hand out towels. So we sat right in front of them and watched all 6 entered the font to be baptized for their ancestors. When they came up out of the water, we wrapped a towel around them and gave them each a big hug. It was tender, inspiring experience. The entire day - watching them perform ordinances in the baptistery and watching them play outside on the lawn in the temple's shadow - I just kept thinking to myself, "I have been so blessed as a missionary. It just doesn't get better than this."

Con amor, <3

Hna Olsen
Noche de Hogar at Victoria's house with her 111 year-old great grandmother

Noche de Hogar at Victoria's house with her 111 year-old great grandmother

Doll maker in San Cristobol

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